Fitness is often measured as the physical ability of an individual. This can be used generally to describe how healthy someone is or more specifically to describe how well their bodies can cope with a specific fitness task or sport.

Most people are not naturally ‘fit’ and will need to work on building up their physical fitness to get to this state. This will mean working to improve the ways that your body works and how it copes with a specific type of physical exercise or task. So, for example, an individual may go to the gym and take on various types of physical activity to improve their overall physical condition or to improve certain physical states such as their stamina, strength, endurance and/or body tone.

You can improve your fitness in all kinds of ways from simply taking on a regular walking schedule through to full work outs at the gym or training to run marathons. Some people will take on specific types of fitness regimes such as regularly swimming, jogging or weight training whilst others may simply go to general fitness classes such as aerobic workouts to keep their fitness levels good.

Good overall fitness is also a question of what you eat as well as what you do to improve your physical functions. Taking regular exercise will only improve your fitness if you make sure that the fuel that you put into your body is healthy and can help you maintain and improve your fitness levels.